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Fees & Minimums

There are no hidden fees whatsoever; everything we charge is listed on this page.

Account Creation free of charge
Inactivity Fees none
Liquidation Charges none
Two-factor Authentication1 free of charge
1 Included in the withdrawal fee. We offer SMS-based (smsTAN) and token-based two-factor authentication.


Maker Fee 0%
Taker Fee 0.04%
If you add liquidity to the order book, you will pay the maker fee. This can be achieved with Limit and Take Profit orders.
Taker fees are paid when you remove liquidity from the order book by placing a Market order or when Stop Loss/Stop Entry triggers are executed.

Minimum Margin

The minimum amount necessary to create a new order.
Bitcoin 0.001 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.01 BCH


Investment Fee 0.5%
Profit Share1 0% - 50%
1 This percentage is set by the portfolio manager and is collected upon divestment depending on the profit. If there was no profit the divestment is free of charge.

Minimum Portfolio Balance

The minimum balance necessary to create and maintain a portfolio.
Bitcoin 0.1 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 1 BCH


Deposit Fee free of charge
Minimum Deposit Amount no minimum


Bitcoin 0.00003679 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.00001 BCH
The withdrawal fees depend on the network conditions and are updated hourly.


Our funding system aims to keep the traded price on 1Fox in line with the underlying index price. 1Fox does not charge any fees with the funding system - funding payments are exchanged every 12 hours directly between long and short positions. You can find more information about the funding system in our trading panel.

Current Funding Rates

Symbol Long Positions Short Positions

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