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1Fox was built with simplicity in mind. Reducing complexity wherever possible is the primary philosophy behind our trading platform.

Trading made simple

Trade derivatives on the most prominent cryptocurrency markets without expiration dates or opaque contract specifications. You can profit from rising and falling prices on our order book based system.

Portfolio Mode

Let the best traders manage your funds or enable portfolio mode yourself and earn a second income. A perfect opportunity to show your trading skills and learn from others. 1Fox is the first order book based platform with social trading features.

Customizable leverages

With our unique system of customizable leverages, you can easily adjust the risk yourself. From making speculative trades to protecting yourself from volatile exchange rates, anything is possible.

Powerful API

A sophisticated and well-documented API is a must when building automated trading software or trading tools on top of 1Fox. We offer a regular HTTPS API and a WebSocket API for real-time market data.

Ultra-minimalist interface

With a size of less than 350 KB, our web-based trading panel loads without any noticeable lags and runs smoothly on virtually all devices. Instead of bloating it with unnecessary new features, we focus on the most important things.

Bulletproof software

In the past years, our team has acquired a lot of expertise about how to handle our users' deposits. You can sleep well when trusting us with your cryptocurrency.
Read more about this topic on our security page.

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