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We are taking a break...

In the past years we dedicated ourselves to build innovative products for the cryptocurrency community. Our philosophy was always to offer a fair and transparent service and we hope that everyone who used our platforms had this experience.
When we started in 2012, cryptocurrencies were in an infant stage and looking back, it is hard to believe how times have changed. Especially the last weeks have shown, that a strict regulatory framework for cryptocurrency-related platforms is on the horizon and that it will be enforced across borders.
We will use this opportunity to reposition our products and our company in the coming months and most importantly we’ll take a short break. It is not possible yet to predict if or when our services will be back, but rest assured that we will keep working on crypto-related projects and you will hear from us again.

All of our platforms will remain accessible at least until the end of 2019, but will enter withdraw-only mode starting on October 18th, 2018.

In Liberty,
The 1pool Team

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