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Portfolio system is live!

1 year

Today is the big day we have all been waiting for: We enabled the option to invest into portfolios. We also made it possible to edit the profit share percentage after the portfolio was created, and increased the maximum possible profit share to 50%.

Please do not hesitate to send us feedback regarding our new portfolio system!

Here is a list of all changes of today's big update:

  • Portfolio statistics are now updated hourly instead of daily.
  • Added an overview table to the portfolio/activity page.
  • Added indication that investing into a portfolio is not possible when being in portfolio mode.
  • Added an icon to indicate where to change the profile picture.
  • Reworked portfolio search functionality - it is now possible to search when logged out.
  • Added a confirmation logic when disabling portfolio mode.
  • Fixed an issue where BCHUSD orders were incorrectly grouped in the interface.
  • Added multiple help text dialogs to portfolio page.
  • Backported 1Broker referral system changes (total clicks and users are now separated from the timeframe selection).
  • Dozens of minor interface improvements.

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