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Portfolio System

1 year

Today, we added a portfolio system to 1Fox, that will allow traders to manage the funds of other users. To our knowledge, 1Fox is the first order book based platform that offers such a feature and we are extremely excited about it.

Currently, traders can enable the portfolio mode, check other traders' statistics and comment on them. As this is an extremely complex system, a lot of testing needs to be done and the possibility to actually move funds into other accounts will be enabled in the coming days.

We appreciate any feedback that we receive regarding this new system!

There are multiple other improvements and additions with today's update:

  • Improved order type selection in order create window.
  • Users can now delete their own account via the settings page.
  • If the "Dead Man Switch" triggers, an email is now sent.
  • The average difference percentage is now rounded towards zero on the funding history page.
  • API changes:
    user/get: renamed “profile_image_url” to “image_url”, there is also a new array containing the active “investments”.
    user/overview: new field “portfolio_own_percentage”, removed “public” field from positions.
    market/get: removed field minimum_margin_public.

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