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Multi-currency support and new profit/loss calculator

1 year

With the latest update, we finally added our multi-currency system. Furthermore we added a profit/loss calculator for the order create window. To improve our support ticket system, it is now possible to report support messages from our staff which were not helpful for you. For an overview of all other changes, here is the detailed changelog:

  • Added help texts and calculators for the stop loss and take profit field in position edit window.
  • New currency parameter for the following API calls: market/list, user/overview, user/get, user/deposit, user/transactions, position/history.
  • Fixed a bug in the position details profit loss window: If parts of the position were already closed and additional contracts were opened afterwards the simulated profit/loss was incorrect.
  • Access logs are kept longer now.
  • Switched to the new coinbase API.
  • Minimum withdrawal amount set to 0.0001 BTC.

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