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Breaking API Changes

1 year

On Tuesday, July the 17th, we will deploy an update during our weekly market break. This update enables multi-currency support for our platform and therefore a currency parameter will be mandatory for certain API calls.
The following API calls are going to require the currency parameter:

  • user/get
  • user/overview
  • user/deposit
  • user/transactions
  • position/history

To avoid an interruption of your trading software after the update, you can already upgrade your application to include this parameter in your API calls. Here is an example: https://1fox.com/api/v1/user/overview.php?token=YOUR_API_TOKEN&pretty=true&currency=BTC

Additionally the WebSocket USER_USERID channel message will contain a currency field to call the corresponding user/overview method. Examples and a detailed documentation will be available once the update was deployed.

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