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Major API improvements and estimated profit feature added

1 year

With our latest update, we implemented a “dead man switch” to protect trading bots when losing the connection to 1Fox. We also added a button in the user interface that calculates the estimated profit/loss with slippage depending on the current order book. Apart from that you can read about all the new API improvements and other changes in the detailed changelog:

  • Added a button to calculate the estimated profit/loss with slippage in the user interface. (Position details window => Profit/Loss)
  • Added a market/slippage API method that estimates the average execution price based on the trade volume.
  • Added a user/transactions API call.
  • Added a user/deposit API call to fetch an account’s deposit address.
  • The order/create API call now also returns the position ID.
  • Added the average price difference percentage for the current funding interval to the market/get call.
  • Renamed balance_offset to margin_offset in the position API.
  • The weekly 15 minute trading break has been moved to Tuesday 12:00 UTC.
  • Added a filter for the transaction log in user interface and API.
  • Added a filter for the position history in user interface and API.
  • Fixed incorrect trade type in the target position (MERGE_SELL/MERGE_BUY) when merging two positions of the opposite direction.
  • Fixed a bug where emails could be delayed under certain circumstances.
  • Introduced modular CSS color scheming for consistent interface coloring. (Goodbye Internet Explorer)
  • Improved Two Factor Authentication reset logic.

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