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Breaking (API) changes

2 weeks

Before enabling our referral system and the expected growth of our user base, we decided to make important performance-related changes to our trading platform. Unfortunately, these enhancements require that we “settle” our BTCUSD market, which means that all open positions and orders will be closed at the index price on Wednesday, April 11th 11:00 a.m. (UTC). We expect that 1Fox is unreachable for 15-30 minutes during this update. To compensate you for any inconvenience, we will reduce the trading fee to 0%/0% (Taker Fee/Maker Fee) for one week.

Orders are no longer deducted from the cash balance
Currently, Limit and Stop Entry orders are immediately deducted from the cash balance and credited back when closed, which leads to unnecessary clutter of the transaction log and increased server load. With our new system, orders will not change the cash balance anymore. However, to prevent that someone can open an unlimited amount of orders we will introduce a balance_locked and balance_unlocked field (this is important for our API users who will need to upgrade their software). Traders who use our web interface or mobile app will not be affected by this change.

Instead of charging financing every hour we will switch to a 12-hour interval (financing will be charged at midnight and noon (UTC)). The maximum rate will be 0.3% per interval with ±0.1% increments as known from the old funding system. To avoid funding rate manipulation, the minutely comparison between the index price and the 1Fox mid price will happen at a random interval but at least once per minute instead of every minute on the minute.

1Fox Android application is available now!

2 weeks

With this update, we finally released our 1Fox Android application available in the Google Play Store, so you can carry 1Fox around in your pockets wherever you go. We also started an official live chat Telegram group where it will be possible to chat with our developers and the community. It is now also possible to change your account Emails via the user interface. For a detailed changelog continue reading here:

  • Fixed bug where certain websocket messages are not sent when an error happened.
  • User statistics chart is now a line instead of having steps.
  • Removed weak captcha system and replaced it with the more secure reCaptcha.
  • Correctly colorized browser (HD) favicons.
  • Removed whitespace at bottom of OHLC chart.
  • Show email address on sign up page to indicate typos.
  • Improved Two-Step Token interface when setting it up and in the login form.
  • Added notifications at certain events like when a refund is credited.
  • Multiple minor fixes and improvements.

Fat finger protection and more!

2 months

Today, we deployed a major update which improves core parts of our trading engine. The most notable changes are a fat finger protection and a new trigger system for Stop Loss and Stop Entry orders. With the help of this update, we will increase the maximum leverage for our BTCUSD contract tomorrow. Here is the detailed changelog:

  • Trigger price for Stop Loss and Stop Entry orders is now the index price instead of the 1Fox last price. Stop Losses and Stop Entries are therefore triggered every minute on the minute.
  • Funding rate calculation is now based on the 1Fox mid price instead of the 1Fox last price.
  • Fat finger protection: Market orders will no longer be executed if any match beyond a price deviation of 5% from the index price would happen. This means big market orders that would increase the 1Fox last price above index price + 5% are no longer possible. (Big) positions can also no longer be closed if they were to push the 1Fox price past that boundary. (In that case you need to use the Take Profit or the position merge functionality to slowly close the position instead)
  • Fixed an issue where websocket messages would report trades that were rolled back because they violated the index boundary (see above).
  • Removed previous fat finger events from the 1D resolution historic OHLC data.
  • error_code field in API responses is now a meaningful string instead of a number for all API methods.
  • Added extended “Last Trades” page where the 50 last trades are displayed.
  • Fixed bug where Stop Loss and Take Profit could violate the market-based decimals_step in order/create and position/edit.
  • Simplified “Average Funding Rate” table on the corresponding statistics page.
  • Fixed race condition when closing Stop Entry orders.
  • Significant performance improvement for multiple API calls.
  • Fixed a bug where creating an order with a Take Profit set to exactly the bid/ask price would fail.
  • Updated Stop Loss, Stop Entry and Take Profit help texts and warning messages when creating an order/editing a position (new index-based trigger).
  • Fixed broken order details view for Stop Entry orders.

Withdrawals enabled!

2 months

With today's update we finally activated withdrawals and 1Fox is now feature complete. Our brand new wallet system is quite sophisticated - in addition to bullet proof security measures, it calculates transaction fees based on the current network conditions and allows instant transactions between internal addresses with a drastically reduced fee. In the future, it allows us to easily enable features like transaction batching or SegWit addresses.

In the coming weeks we will also update 1Broker.com to use this new wallet system.

Here is the complete changelog:

  • Updated user/get API according to API documentation.
  • Corrected rounding error for interface profit loss calculation.
  • During the last 5 minutes of the weekly trading break the market will be in ORDERS_ONLY mode.
  • Finalized our new powerful wallet backend.
  • Multiple smaller fixes in the user interface.
  • Performace improvements.

Preparing for live trading!

2 months

Today, our last paper trading contest ended and we want to congratulate the three winners. The platform is finally feature complete for launch and the only thing left is the setup of our Bitcoin wallet infrastructure. Once this is done, we launch trading in a few stages to avoid thin orderbooks:

  • Stage 1: Enabling Bitcoin deposits.
  • Stage 2: Enabling the orders-only mode for the BTCUSD market.
  • Stage 3: Enabling trading with a leverage of 2.
  • Stage 4: Enabling Bitcoin withdrawals.
  • Stage 5: Increasing the leverage to 5.

Thanks for your patience and your feedback in the past weeks!

Here are the results of the paper trading contest:

Place User Final Balance
1. (0.2 BTC) HAL9000 108.13949508
2. (0.1 BTC) compvioz 79.15358506
3. (0.1 BTC) Amerove 38.49864392
4. Simon 37.84088639
5. Patrick 30.18187614
6. ahverdil 27.82772795
7. juanqui36 26.71794624
8. aFritzPoker 23.58802543
9. Brezcasni 19.02644501
10. borixlav2018 17.61897443
11. squattter 17.48463931
12. luckytrader7 16.45294473
13. KaizenTrader 14.78343173
14. CryptoSir 12.2010818
15. carligraph 10.98743503

Changelog February, 1st

3 months

In the past days we made some heavy changes under the hood and 1Fox is rapidly reaching the point where we can enable deposits and withdrawals. Here are the most notable changes:

  • Bumped HTTPS API version from 0.1 to 1.
  • Market status is now CLOSED when is_in_market_hours == false.
  • Dozens of improvements for PDF and CSV exports.
  • Introduced a MERGE_BUY/MERGE_SELL type in position/trades to indicate the merge direction.
  • Added volume field to market/trades API.
  • Several API field changes (profit_loss_realized, profit_loss_unrealized, contracts_total)
  • Notifications when a Stop Loss or Stop Entry order is triggered.
  • Finalized position merge functionality.
  • Fixed a user interface bug where total balance was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue where sidebar widgets floated under the content on the static website.
  • Lots of minor interface fixes and improvements.

Platform update - New paper trading contest

3 months

We just deployed a huge update which improves our platform in several areas. We are quite happy with the progress in past days and expect that we can officially launch 1Fox on February 6th, 2018. Here is the changelog:

  • Completely replaced funding rate system with an improved version.
  • Added the WebSocket API documentation.
  • Added a new funding information page with graphs and statistics.
  • Added socialized loss statistics page.
  • Fixed a critical race condition when closing an order.
  • Fixed a bug where user interface stopped updating after some idle time.
  • Fixed a bug where clients are randomly disconnect from the “user” websocket channel.
  • Hundreds of minor UI fixes and improvements.
  • Added automatic balance checks that freeze the platform if balance anomalies are detected.


We decided to start another paper trading contest until the official launch in the meantime:

Contest Start

January 25th, 2018
11:00 a.m. (UTC)

Contest End

February 6th, 2018
5:30 p.m. (UTC)

Participants Users registererd before January 24th, 2018
18:00 p.m. (UTC).
Initial Balance 5 BTC

At contest end, all positions and orders will be force-closed with the current index price. To determine the three winners, all participants are ordered by their final BTC account balance. The price money is as follows:

1st Prize 0.2 BTC
2nd Prize 0.1 BTC
3rd Prize 0.1 BTC

If two participants have an equal balance, the account creation date (ascending) will be used for ordering.

Good luck!


3 months

Congratulations to the three winners of our paper trading contest:

  Final Balance Price
1. CryptoWaves 34.16 BTC 0.1 BTC
2. ncdlek 32.27 BTC 0.05 BTC
3. compvioz 30.25 BTC 0.05 BTC


We want to thank all participants for testing 1Fox in this early stage. Here is the list of the places 4.-20.:

4. gatorj 22.93313627
5. Patrick 18.2559985
6. RazZ 12.48956723
7. frenchcrypto 10.60249499
8. Dogwelder 10.43175852
9. Doogal08 10.21519274
10. Luster 9.35396415
11. WheatleyFX 9.07036365
12. treytreyy11 8.88956283
13. cryptomaineiac 8.84219804
14. ahverdil 8.54977731
15. Amvader 8.41295583
16. anonymous1605 8.18204837
17. Bic009 7.96949555
18. askalam123z 7.80781742
19. scsinvest 7.44309129
20. Jsghartling 7.14146545

Paper trading contest

3 months

In the past weeks we made dozens of updates to our new platform. The stability of 1Fox was siginicantly improved and the uptime of our engine reached 99.86% (http://status.1fox.com/) in January 2018.

However, our highest priority is that our customers' funds are secure and we need another 1-2 weeks to finish our in-depth code review and testing phase.

To shorten your waiting time we are starting a paper trading contest:

Contest Start

January 15th, 2018
4:00 p.m. (UTC)

Contest End January 22th, 2018
4:00 p.m. (UTC)
Participants Users registererd before the contest start date.
Initial Balance 5 BTC

At contest end, all positions and orders will be force-closed with the last index price. To determine the three winners, all participants are ordered by their final BTC account balance. The price money is as follows:

1st 0.1 BTC
2nd 0.05 BTC
3rd 0.05 BTC

If two participants have an equal balance, the account creation date (ascending) will be used for ordering.

Happy trading & have fun!

A baby fox was born!

4 months

Today, 25th December 2017, 1Fox.com was launched into a pre-beta phase. We will slowly enable more and more features in the coming weeks. Due to the high complexity of such a trading engine, we decided to launch 1Fox is multiple stages:

25th December, 2017 Opening account creation, Preparing the trading engine, Tuning the configuration of our production environment.
28th December, 2017 Enabling order-only mode, Starting in-depth code review of our engine.

January 3rd,

Enabling paper trading.
February 8th, 2018 (planned) Database reset, Enabling Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Official launch.
Late April, 2018 Merging referral accounts from 1Broker, Enabling 1Fox referral system.

General Information

You can find basic information about what 1Fox.com is across this website and we will constantly add information in the coming weeks. Keep in mind that you are seeing an early build of the platform and we are most likely aware of the issues you experience. In order to focus on development, we can only give limited support via email or the in-page support system, currently.

Referral system

We received many requests from referral partners whether referred accounts on 1Broker will be transferred to 1Fox. While 1Fox and 1Broker are completely separated platforms, we will "merge" existing referral connections in February 2018. Since this merge will be based on email addresses make sure to sign up with the same email address you use for 1Broker.
Once this process is finished, the 1Fox referral system will be activated.


Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey! We wish you a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2018.

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